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Of Counsel Group provides full-service document automation services for law firms and corporations. Our team has a proven track record of automating complex legal contracts and documents, including experience with corporate, estate planning, finance, and real estate practice groups. We focus on delivering simple and easy-to-use questionnaires and interviews, allowing your team to efficiently assemble accurate documents from day one.

Document and Contract Automation

Our team of document automation specialists are experts at automating documents and contracts with Contract Express and HotDocs. Whether you are using document automation to quickly assemble a first draft, ensure consistency among documents, or create client intake forms that produce finished contracts, our team can help with every stage of your project. Learn more →

Document Automation Specialist

Scalable and Integrated

Our document automation method ensures that your templates are scalable – as your company grows, your document automation will grow with it. In addition, we ensure that each template is fully integrated with all other templates, greatly increasing efficiency and accuracy when assembling multiple contracts and documents. Learn more →

Automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.”

Bill Gates

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